Aaron Maya Jewelry

With great attention to detail, and a boundless passion for jewelry, Aaron Maya creates pieces that are anything but ordinary. Behind every ring, every necklace, and every bracelet is Aaron's passion for a stone or a metal. His inspiration guides the design while technique and process always remain important – and may even dictate the final outcome.

Aaron is continually seeking to develop new processes that set him apart from other designers. His research and process is intrinsically linked to every step of the work. That’s why each piece is unique, with its own story to tell.

For each collection, he takes his inspiration from semi-precious stones, silver, gold, and other materials that inspire him. Each collection offers new models, always in a limited run or a one-of-a kind piece. Each of these stunning creations carries a glint of warm Mexican sunlight and an exuberant glow that sets it apart.

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