Jewelry Repairs Montreal - studio CHIAROSCURO

Montreal Jewelry Repair at studio CHIAROSCURO

At studio CHIAROSCURO in addition to jewelry merchants and jewelry makers we are first of all jewelry lovers. We understand the attachment that develops for our favourite jewelry pieces. It's usually not about the material value of the jewelry but rather it may be about the significance of the pieces, what they remind us of and our emotional connection. Jewelry captures a place, a moment, or a commitment in time to be treasured forever.
This is why we believe in repairing our jewelry whenever possible. And we do so for our cherished clients on a regular basis. We've salvaged countless pieces of jewelry for our clients by applying timeless jewelry making and repairing techniques to allow our clients to use their favourite jewelry once again for years to come.
Some of the Jewelry repair techniques we undertake for our Montreal clients include:
  • Ring Resizing, making a ring smaller or even larger.
  • Precious metals plating and replating, mostly in Gold and Rhodium.
  • Earring Repair, replacing or re attaching earring posts and components.
  • Jewelry Cleaning of various types, cleaning rings, earrings, bracelets and more.
  • Jewelry Polishing, Polishing jewelry to leave it looking brand new.
  • Pearl Necklace Stringing, Pearl Bracelet, Bead necklace or Bead bracelet Stringing and Re-Stringing.
  • Repair or replace damaged Jump Rings or links on chains.
  • Ultra high precision laser soldering for micro welds to salvage high quality jewelry.
  • Jewelry Engraving, We can engrave special messages, dates and other information on your jewelry.
  • Crafting whole new pieces or components to replace a lost piece.
  • Setting and resetting gemstones on rings, earrings and more. Or setting new stones if one has gone missing or fallen off.
  • Fixing, repairing or replacing broken prongs on rings, earrings and more.
  • And much more...